Personal Trainer

Gonçalo André

Ever since I was very young, I has the chance to know various sports and mentors and that was when I knew that sports would be a big part of my life.

In my early teens, I found out that fitness would change my life. I lost some weight, improved my self-esteem and my performance in the sports I practised at the time. I was focused in training and eating healthy food. Naturally, my first professional experience was in a gym where I used to go, which was my natural habitat.

Then, a lesion pulled me away from this world for a while. Shortly after, I managed to face all the adversities and returned with all my passion and determination, making a personal, professional and financial investment in this profession. It was with great pride that I worked for several renowned health clubs in Faro, Olhão and Tavira. This made me evolve and exclusively dedicate myself to personalized training in the last few years.

My preferential working areas are weight loss, muscle mass increase and spinal disorders.

Education and Training

  • Degree in Physical Education and Sports (Superior Institute D. Afonso III)
  • Post-graduation in Functional Training (Lusófona/ Manz)
  • Muscle-building and Cardiofitness (IFAD)
  • Exercise Room Activities (Manz)
  • Weight Loss (Gnosis)
  • Strength and Hypertrophy (Gnosis)
  • High Intensity Training (Manz)
  • Clinical Pilates (Bwizer)
  • Classical Pilates (Bwizer)
  • Spine Disorders (Gnosis)
  • Functional Training for injury prevention (Gnosis)
  • Mechanics Applied to Exercise (WellxProSchool)
  • Sports Nutrition (Nutriscience)
  • Pre and Post Natal (Gnosis)