The Excellence Nutrition Service guarantees a complete evaluation of essential parameters that will result in an individualized monitoring that best suits each client’s needs.

At an initial stage, the Excellence Nutrition Consult includes:

  • Evaluation of relevant clinical parameters and biochemical analyses;
  • Evaluation of Body Perimeters and Composition (Electric Bioimpedance);
  • Detailed analysis of the client’s habits, daily routines and food preferences;
  • Goal setting;
  • Nutritional Counselling and, where applicable, Supplementation;
  • Establishing a Nutritional Plan, customized to each client’s needs, goals and characteristics.

The follow-up visits allow us to continuously assess and debate the progress and difficulties felt by client as well as progressively adjusting the Nutritional Plan, whenever it is necessary.

Excellence Nutrition believes in teamwork. Our work aims to involve the client throughout the whole process. Every aspect of the counselling will be thoroughly explained, so the client can understand the reason for each nutritional alteration. We want to ensure, not only the success in achieving the goals that were set, but also the autonomy and empowerment to make better nutritional choices in the future.